RAW Beaded 30mm Pear Pendant Bezel Tutorial

In today’s tutorial I will show you how to create a seed bead bezel for a 30mm pear-shaped stone, which begins with the right angle weave (RAW) beading stitch. We will finish the bezel with peyote beading stitch, and smaller seed beads, to create a perfectly snug fit. Even if you do not have this particular Carnelian stone from the September 2021 Bargain Bead Box, my hope is that you will get the idea for how to adapt a similar process to a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Please see below for the full list of materials:

Materials List (one bezel):

Seed Beads in this Bezel:

RAW Beaded Pear Bezel 30mm Tutorial

11/0: Opaque Teal

11/0: Semi-Glazed Burnt Orange

15/0: Metallic Matte Khaki Iris

It’s very important to use high-quality, uniform seed beads for a tight and more even looking bezel. I recommend Japanese seed bead brands Miyuki and/or Toho. A next choice are Czech seed beads, such as the Preciosa brand.

Right Angle Weave

I suggest starting with the very simple right angle weave (RAW) beading stitch tutorial if you are brand new to this technique. There are many offshoots of the flat RAW stitch, including beaded ropes made with Cubic Right Angle Weave (CRAW), Prismatic Right Angle Weave (PRAW), and also the ability to use RAW stitch to bezel, as shown in today’s video.

Other Right Angle Weave Tutorials

laces out bracelet

In the Laces Out Bracelet tutorial, you will learn how to make a beaded right angle weave (RAW) bracelet with a base of fire polish beads. On top, we embellish with bugle beads and seed beads to achieve an eye-catching chevron, or diagonal stripe pattern.

The laces out bracelet is also available for instant download in my pattern shop.


The easy right angle weave memory wire cuff bracelet tutorial combines both bead weaving, and basic work with wire. Use a combination of 4x6mm rondelle beads, and 4mm bicones to achieve the look demonstrated in the video, or get creative with other shapes and sizes you have on hand. As long as the beads are not much larger/heavier than what is shown, you won’t even need to add a clasp! The memory wire makes a perfect cuff bracelet frame, which holds its rounded shape.

pink and rose gold crystal necklace

The crystal rondelle and bicone beaded necklace also begins with a foundation of right angle weave. It’s one of the latest pieces I was inspired to create, based on the contents of the January 2021 Bargain Bead Box. Additional beads are added to fill-in, and frame, the base, including: 4×3 rondelles, and 11/0 seed beads. 6mm bicones also widen the bottom row of beading, to give this necklace a more rounded shape.

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