Instant Download Beading Patterns

Find the growing collection of instant download beading patterns for my original beaded jewelry designs. All patterns are accompanied by a corresponding, free beading tutorial video in case you would like to refer to video instruction while you bead. 

The downloadable files may be used on electronic devices, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones, and they may also be printed, as desired. Inside you will find full color images and/or diagrams, which are accompanied by clear and concise instructions. Please do not share, or reproduce any of the pattern, tutorial, and design content, in any form.

Simply purchase a pattern, and after checkout the link to download the PDF document instantly will be available. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further assistance.

Don’t forget that you may easily search the Orchid and Opal Design Index for the name of the pattern you have purchased, and follow the linked image to find the blog post that contains the video. 

Please respect the artist’s intellectual property. Do not copy, recreate, or sell these patterns, or digital content, in any form.


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