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What is Prismatic Right Angle Weave (PRAW) Beading Stitch?

If you have already practiced the Right Angle Weave (RAW) beading stitch and the Cubic Right Angle Weave (CRAW) stitch, then you’re ready to have some fun with the Prismatic Right Angle Weave (PRAW) stitch! In fact, CRAW is simply the four-sided version of PRAW. Therefore, if you have created anything with CRAW, then technically you’ve also created with PRAW! Nice work!

The basis of PRAW is in its name; the word prism. With the PRAW stitch, you will create a potentially limitless rope of prisms; one unit stacked on top of another. In geometry, prisms are three dimensional shapes which have flat faces, and the shape of the top and the base are the same. Prisms consist of shapes of at least three sides (walls), and technically there is no limit to the number of walls a prism could have. Let’s take a look at some prismatic shapes:

Since we have already tackled four-sided cube shape, in today’s video I will demonstrate PRAW-5, the five-sided version.  PRAW-5 is comprised of pentagonal prismatic units.

Where to Begin when Practicing the PRAW Beading Stitch?

6lb fireline beading thread

  1. Materials: if this is your first time practicing with PRAW. Use a strong thread, such as 6lb. FireLine, and use uniform beads in a larger size. I recommend using a 3mm or 4mm Fire Polish bead to begin. A size 10 beading needle will also be required.

2. Colors: You may find it helpful to use two different, contrasting colors when practicing. By doing so, you will better understand the relationship between the “walls” and the “ceiling/floor” of each unit. Tip: make the floor and ceiling of each unit in one color, and the walls of the unit in the other color.

PRAW-3, PRAW-4, PRAW-5, & PRAW-6 with 3mm Fire Polish Beads

3. Size: Decide how many sides you would like to make each prismatic unit. This will determine the width of the beaded rope; more sides = wider rope. The size of the base will remain consistent throughout your piece (until you decide to change it).


How to Start Beading the PRAW Stitch?

Since I have already demonstrated the four-sided PRAW variety, CRAW, let’s move forward by adding in one more side to our prism. In the images below, I will show you how to create a five-sided pentagonal prismatic right angle weave (PRAW-5) with 3mm Fire Polish beads. I will be using two colors; blue beads will be to create the “floors and ceilings” and the green beads will make up the “walls.”

Making the Floor:

  • String (5) beads A onto your beading thread. You may leave a tail, or use a stop bead; since this is practice, it’s totally up to you.
  • Sew through all five of those beads again, and proceed through the next bead as well.

Making the Walls and Ceiling:

1.   Wall #1: Pick up (1) bead B, (1) bead A, and (1) bead B. Sew through the opposite side of the bead you are exiting from. Also sew through the next floor bead A.

2.   Wall #2: Pick up (1) bead B, and (1) bead A. Sew down through the closest bead B of the previous wall. Also sew through the floor bead A, and through the next floor bead A.

3.   Wall #3: Repeat step two.

4.   Wall #4: Repeat step two.  

5.   Wall #5: Sew up through the next bead B, add (1) bead A, and sew down through the next bead B. Sew through the floor bead A you initially exited. Sew up through the bead B, and then exit out of the next bead A (ceiling). 

Strengthening the Unit (optional):

This step is optional if you are continuing with your beaded PRAW rope, but may be especially helpful in the beginning for you to create a strong foundation unit. 

  • Sew through all five of the beads A, which make up the ceiling of the pentagonal prism you created. Then sew through the bead A you had initially exited from, once more.

Building Additional Units:

  • Follow the same steps from the previous section to make the walls and ceiling of the next unit. The ceiling from the previous unit has now become the floor of the unit built on top of it.
  • Repeat until you have reach the desired length of rope, or beaded bead. Strengthen the ceiling of each unit, as desired.


In Conclusion:

PRAW-5 using 11/0 seed beads in four colors. Swarovski fancy stone. Check back for the tutorial!
To conclude our lesson on the PRAW beading stitch, please remember this technique takes practice. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and don’t worry if you have to try multiple times until the mechanics of the stitch start to make sense. The great thing about beads is you can rework them, and they’ll be just a great to use the next time (in most cases)!

Please stay tuned for my retroactive blog posts, which will cover the RAW and CRAW stitches. In the meantime, you can click on the links below to be taken to those free video tutorials:

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