How to: GemDuo Terrace Beaded Pendant Tutorial

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Hey everyone! In this video I will show you how to create a beaded pendant that I originally shared last year, during the reveal of the Moonlit Terrace Box, which I curated with BeadingSchool. Please see below for the full list of materials:

Materials List (One Pendant)

GemDuo Terrace Beaded Pendant Purple

GemDuo: Metallic Suede Purple

3mm FP: Crocus

Bicone: Violet Matte

15/0: Galvanized Eggplant

GemDuo Terrace Beaded Pendant White

GemDuo: White Silver Splash

3mm FP: Powdery Pastel Gray

Bicone: Crystal/Clear

15/0: Crystal Labrador Full

GemDuo Terrace Beaded Pendant Black

GemDuo: Gold Splash Jet

3mm FP: Crystal Gold Lined

Bicone: Jet

15/0: Galvanized Gold

GemDuo Terrace Beaded Pendant Orange

GemDuo: Ionic Orange/Dark Red

3mm FP: 

Bicone: Smokey Topaz AB 2x

15/0: Metallic Purple Gold Iris

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Watch the Video

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Michelle Patterson

The Fire polish colours are missing from some of the material lists for the GemDuo Terrace Beaded Pendant

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