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Hot & Trendy, Two Hole Beads of the Month | Oct. 2020

Beads of the Month | Coupon: OPAL10 for 10% off the 1st month of a new sub!


Hey beautiful! It’s my pleasure to bring you a close-up look at the Hot & Trendy and Two Hole Beads of the Month Club that I received for October 2020. Each club comes with 8 reusable containers of high quality Czech glass beads in a curated, coordinating color scheme.

Hot & Trendy Club

This month’s theme: Sylvan Realm


  • Metallic Mix Tri Bead
  • Metallic Mix Gekko
  • Olivine Shimmer Short Dagger
  • Jet Bronze Minos Par Puca
  • Pastel Olivine Trinity 4x8mm
  • Metallic Suede Dark Forest Quadralentil
  • Metallic Suede Dark Forest Quadratile

Hot & Trendy Beads of the Month

– Single Size

With the Single Hot & Trendy Beads of the Month™ Club, each month you will receive 8 tubes of different popular beads. If you've seen it featured in your favorite bead magazine, you'll find it in this Club! Each color coordinated collection will have a variety of the beads, such as: 1. Tooth Beads; 2. Wheel Beads; 3. Large Spike Beads; 4. Small Pinch Beads; 5. Thorn Beads; 6. Twist Beads; 7. Nano Beads; 8. Tri Beads; 9. Small Petal Beads; 10. Quadra Lentil Beads; 11. Lentil Beads; 12. Pellet Beads; 13. Large Trinity Beads; 14. Small Mushroom Beads; 15. UFO Beads; 16. Gumdrop Beads; 17. Large Mushroom Beads; 18. Butterfly Beads; 19. Large Petal Beads; 20. Pip Beads... and more!

- Beads of the Month Club

Two Hole Beads Club

This month’s theme: Dragon’s Hoard


  • Crystal California Gold Rush Matte 2-Hole Cab
  • Crystal California Gold Rush Matte DropDuo
  • Light Gold Matte Piros Par Puca
  • Light Gold Matte Super Kheops Par Puca
  • Jet California Gold Rush SuperDuo
  • Jet California Gold Rush Honeycomb
  • Jet Matte Chevron
  • Jet Gold Splash PaisleyDuo

2-Hole Beads of the Month Club

– Single Size

Beads may include: Piggy beads, 2-Hole Tile Beads, Table-Cut Silky Beads, Chexx Beads, Brick Beads, 2-Hole Lentil Beads, Kheops Par Puca beads, 3x6mm Infinity Beads, Rulla Beads, Pyramid Hexagon Beads, 2mm Pyramid Stud Beads, Silky Beads, 4x8mm Infinity Beads, 2-Hole Cabochons, 2-Hole Baroque Cabs, Kite Beads, Nib-Bits, Paisley Duos, Quarter Tilas, Super Kheops Par Pucas, Tinos Par Pucas, 8mm and 12mm Candy Beads, Chili Beads, Carrier Beads, Groovy Tile Beads, Crescent Beads, Honeycomb and Honeycomb Jewel Beads, 5mm Silky Beads Table Cut Silky Stars... and more!   

- Beads of the Month Club

More Info:

Subscribers may choose between a single version (as shown), or the double version, depending on how much you would like to receive, and spend. Each subscription arrives with a link to a free beading patterns page, which changes monthly. The link will be found on the bottom of the invoice that is sent with the monthly package. Beads of the Month Club also offers an optional findings companion pack add-on, which ships at no additional shipping cost, with any existing subscription. Please visit their site for more details, including pricing and shipping info.

This is a beading subscription that I have received for over two years, and I am very pleased to promote it. The quality of the beads is excellent, the themes are well curated, and the customer service is fantastic. If you need to reach out to Beads of the Month Club, feel free to e-mail them at: botm@adornableelements.com.

Last Month's Themes

September Hot & Trendy: Jazz Blues (blue, gold)

September Two-Hole: Dew Kissed Leaves (green, silver)


Curious which bead box is the best (for you)? Check out this video for more info!

I was sent this box at no monetary cost, in exchange for my honest review video. The thoughts/opinions I have expressed are 100% my own.

This post may contain affiliate links, which may provide me with a small amount of commission at no cost to you; however, the thoughts/opinions I have expressed are 100% my own.


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