Backlit Bracelet Tutorial | Tila, Bugle, Teacup, Crescent


Hey beautiful! In today’s beaded jewelry tutorial, I will show you how to make my Backlit bracelet pattern, which is pretty easy, even if you are not used to working with two-hole beads. This pattern features Miyuki Tilas, 6mm Bugles, Two-Hole Crescents, and Teacup beads. All materials (and more!) may be found at Eureka Crystal Beads; after all, this design was inspired by their gorgeous Serene Lavender monthly collection. 

Materials for One 7" Bracelet

✔ 40 – Czech 2x4mm Teacup Beads

✔ 33 – CzechMates Two Hole Crescent Beads

✔ 20 – 6mm Miyuki Bugle Beads

✔ 10 – Miyuki Tila Beads

✔ 4ft. – 6lb. Fireline, or your choice of beading thread

✔ 2 – Beading Needles, Size 10

✔ 2 – Wire Guards (4.5x4mm)

✔ 2 – Jump or Split Rings

Clasp of choice


Jewelry Pliers

Bead Mat

More About the Design:

The more reflective, or eye-catching, the Tila beads, the better! Since they are set to the back of the bracelet, those beads give this design a framed window, or “backlit” effect, which is the reason for the name. Have fun, and thanks for watching!

Colors Used in Tutorial:

Teacup Beads — Turquoise

Crescents — Ultra Luster Opaque Green

Bugle Beads — Matte Teal AB

Tila Beads — Dk. Bronze

backlit bracelet turquoise and bronze

backlit bracelet purple

Colors Used:

Teacup Beads — Saturated Metallic Crocus Petal

Crescents — Luster Iris Milky Amethyst

Bugle Beads — Chartreuse

Tila Beads — Tr. Cobalt AB

backlit bracelet black

Colors Used:

Teacup Beads — Silver

Crescents — Jet

Bugle Beads — Matte Gunmetal

Tila Beads — Smoke Gray Luster

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