Floral Links Beaded Crystal Chaton Bracelet Tutorial

Hey there! In today’s video I will show you how to make the floral links beaded crystal chaton bracelet. This design was inspired by the contents of the order I placed with Beading School last month, and since it features beaded components, it’s a very versatile design that may be adapted into earrings, a ring, and more. Please see below for the full list of materials:

Materials List (7" Bracelet)

✔ 6 – 8mm Crystal Chaton Stones

✔ 45 – 2mm Round Pearls or Fire Polish

✔ 2 Colors – 15/0 Seed Beads

✔ 7 – 8mm Closed Ring Links

Jump Rings

✔ 1 – Clasp of Choice

6lb. Fireline, or beading thread of choice 

Beading Needle, Size 10 


Bead Mat 

Orchid and Opal May Design 4

Specific Colors Used:

Shop Beading School for all of the materials in the pink colorway. Use coupon code ORCHID to save 10% off your purchase.

Optional Tips for Connecting Components:

1.) Reinforce the thread in the areas where the jump rings connect to the beadwork

2.) Use TWO jump rings instead of one (in case one fails, there is a backup)

3.) Use split rings instead of jump rings

4.) Wire wrap all components together using jewelry wire, and coiling the wire loops completely closed

5.) Use smaller gauge (thicker) jump rings that are much harder to ply apart, and overlap the open area just a tad when closing

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