Butterfly Garden Beaded Necklace Tutorial

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Hey there! In today’s beading tutorial I will show you how to make a necklace with five out of the eight bead shapes that I received in the June 2021 Hot & Trendy Beads of the Month Club. Please see below for the full list of materials:

Materials List (18" Necklace)

✔ 34 – Delos Par Puca Beads (chalk purple luster) 

✔ 34 – Arcos Par Puca Beads (vega on chalk) 

✔ 17 – Octo 3-hole Beads (turquoise green) 

✔ 17 – Gekko Beads (crystal etched aluminum) 

✔ 34 – SuperUno Beads (turquoise green) 

11/0 Seed Beads (Toho – Nickel Plated) 

15/0 Seed Beads (Toho – Nickel Plated) 

✔ 7ft. – 6lb. Fireline, or other beading thread

Beading Needle, Size 11/12 

✔ 2 – 4.5mm Wire Guards 

Jump Rings 

Lobster Clasp 


Jewelry Pliers 

Bead Mat

Butterfly Garden Beaded Necklace Tutorial

Butterfly Garden Beaded Necklace Gold

Butterfly Garden Beaded Necklace Blue

About the Butterfly Garden Necklace Design:

The way the beads come together in certain areas remind me of butterflies, and that’s where the name Butterfly Garden Necklace came from. I was challenged to create a new design based on contents from the June 2021 Hot & Trendy Beads of the Month Club. I think the colors of the Mermaid Elegance theme pair well in this design for a bold, feminine, beaded statement. This was also my first time receiving the new Delos Par Puca shape, so I definitely wanted to include them in the final project.

The fact that three types of 3-hole beads came in this month’s subscription package inspired me to try to put them all together. Both the Gekko and SuperUno beads are what I consider “drop” shapes, and combining them in this piece helped to bring the turquoise green and silver tones together to make the color scheme a bit more cohesive, I also like the interest of using “drop,” which are a similar size, but different shape, color, and texture. On a random note, the aluminum etched beads will forever make me think of tin foil. 😉

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