Opal Oblivion Beaded Oval Cabochon Pendant Tutorial

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Hey beautiful! In today’s video I will show you how to make a beaded pendant with the contents of the new Ethereal Opal Collection, which I curated in partnership with Eureka Crystal Beads. The center of this design features a dazzling faux opal, oval-shaped glass cabochon, which is bezeled with additional Czech and Japanese glass beads. Be sure to check out Eureka Crystal Beads for all of the products used in this design, plus lots more!

Please see below for the full list of materials:

Materials List (1 Pendant):

✔ 1 – Oval “Opal” Cabochon, 18x13mm 

✔ 11 – 4mm Round Pearl Beads 

✔ 20 – 3mm Fire Polished Beads 

✔ 2g – 11/0 Round Seed Beads 

✔ 1g – Toho DEMI 8/0 Seed Beads 

✔ 2g – 11/0 Miyuki Delica Beads 

6lb. Fireline, or other Beading Thread 

Beading Needle, size 10-12

Jewelry Pliers 


Opal Oblivion Beaded Oval Cabochon Pendant Tutorial

Opal Oblivion Beaded Oval Cabochon Pendant Tutorial

Opal Oblivion Beaded Oval Cabochon Pendant Tutorial

About the Ethereal Opal Collection:

A kaleidescope of color beams off the surface, like fireworks across a night sky. Some of the most prized opals can flash every color of the rainbow; however in this collection we will dive into shades such as Pacific green, sky blue, vivid violet, and pearly white. AB coatings, luster finishes, reflective crystals, and metallic gold meld with these color tones, incorporating a fiery brilliance.

Ethereal Opal Eureka Crystal Beads Collection May 2022

Ethereal Opal Finished Pieces:

Be on the lookout for four tutorials in the coming weeks, which incorporate materials exclusively from the Ethereal Opal Collection! Here is a peak at the new projects to come:

ethereal opal bracelet

Ethereal Opal Bracelet

In this tutorial, I will show you how to incorporate a 10x14mm Krakovski crystal stone as the centerpiece, and focal of this beaded bracelet. The stone is bezeled with 11/0 Miyuki Delica beads, 8/0 Toho Demi Rounds, 2x3mm crystal rondelles, Ginko beads, and 6mm Preciosa crystal bicones.

The completed look is ethereal and fluid, like waves, or drops of water, don’t you think?!

See the tutorial HERE.

ethereal opal pendant 2

Ethereal Opal Pendant Necklace #2

In this tutorial, I will show you a second way to bezel the glimmering faux opal oval stone. We will use the white AB pinch beads to set off the shape, as well as mini Superduo beads, 6mm Fire Polished rounds, and, 11/0 round seed beads. This finished pendant is slightly smaller than pendant #1, shown above.

This pendant is strung onto a beaded necklace, which uses coordinating beads.

See the tutorial HERE

ethereal opal earrings

Ethereal Opal Earrings

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a gorgeous green pair of earrings. The center stones are encased by CzechMates two-hole Honeycomb Beads, 4mm Krakovski Pearls, 11/0 round seed beads, and 11/0 Miyuki Delica beads. 

The ear wire findings used to complete the beadwork are included in the collection, as well.

See the tutorial HERE.

Contents of the Collection:

Please note, the contents of the collection may change slightly, depending on stock availability, restock status, etc. The overall contents will be very similar to what is shown, and may also be seen on the updated Eureka Crystal Beads Ethereal Opal Collection page.

About Eureka Crystal Beads Collections:

It’s my pleasure to reveal these unique bead and DIY jewelry making collections upon their periodic release, and I am so glad to have you joining me! If you miss out on the initial launch, just add your email address to the waiting list, on the product page, and you will be notified when the collection comes back in stock. Additionally, you may purchase the contents separately, instead of as a group.

These stunning collections ship world-wide; free shipping in the US over $35, but additional shipping fees may apply to international customers. As a reminder, these collections are not a monthly subscription. You are free to pick and choose your favorites, as you wish! Please note that the contents of each collection may vary slightly due to stock level and availability; however, the value and theme will remain the same.

A Few Past Collections:

WILDFLOWER (pink, yellow, green)

FAIRY FROST (pastel pink, blue, crystal)

HEARTHSIDE (red, green, gold)

PUMPKIN FESTIVAL (orange, black, brown)

ORCHID OASIS (pinks, green, black)

If you missed it, check out the Orchid Oasis Collection curated by yours truly!

Watch the Video

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