Memory Wire & Cup Chain Beaded Cuff Bracelet Tutorial


Hey beautiful! In today’s tutorial I will show you how to make this flexible and unique memory wire and cup chain beaded bracelet. This design was inspired by the contents of the Eureka Crystal Beads Paradise Aquatic Collection (contents may vary slightly), in which I happened to receive the Czech glass round druks and rhinestone cup chain in shades of orange. Perfect timing for the fall season! 

Materials for One 7" Bracelet

*Creates approx. 6″ of beading, and a 1″ gap around the wrist. Feel free to add extra beads to either side to make the bracelet longer.

✔ 21- 6mm Round Druk Beads (Tangerine Pacifica)

✔ 6″ – 3mm Rhinestone Cup Chain (Coral, Brass)

✔ 40″ – 22g Twisted Wire (Light Gold), or Regular 24g Wire

1.5 loops Memory Wire (2.25″ diameter)

Jewelry Pliers

Memory Wire Cutter

Wire Cutter

Bead Mat

More About the Design:

Feel free to use larger Druk beads, play around with different sizes of rhinestone cup chain, and, of course, have fun with your color choices. 

The 22g twisted wire is highly recommended for this design! It seems to have the perfect amount of flexibility, and doesn’t kink or scratch as easily as single strand wire. Its durability makes it simpler to deal with in this application, especially if you do not have a lot of experience working with jewelry wire. In addition, you can also find it in the silver tone, if that better suits your color choices.

memory wire cup chain bracelet

This cuff style bracelet should contour perfectly around your wrist due to the memory wire base. It should also feel light and flexible enough that you won’t even need to worry about using a clasp. Keep in mind, if you choose to use larger, or heavier, materials, a clasp will probably be required, so the bracelet stays put. Fortunately, that will be easy to do since you have created small loops at each end, which will work well for attaching findings. You could even add a decorative charm at the end, just for fun!

Feel free to leave a comment below; perhaps let me know if you gave this pattern a try, and what colors you decided to use. Enjoy!

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