Magatama Vine Beaded Macrame Bracelet Tutorial

In today’s beading tutorial I will show you how to make an easy beaded macrame bracelet with the Long Magatama beads by Miyuki. 

Eureka Crystal Beads has just started selling this line of beads, which you can find in their seed beads category. My personal faves are the galvanized metallics and the colors with the Picasso finish, as shown in this video. The Brazilian Waxed Cord is a dream to work with, and also comes in a wide variety of colors, from neutrals to bright and colorful hues. I love that it is tacky enough to hold the knots in place, but not too sticky or overly gummy.

Please see below for a full list of materials:

Materials List (7-7.5" Bracelet)

Beaded Macrame for Beginners

You don’t have to be an expert, or even very experienced with macrame in order to recreate this design. In fact, this bracelet is a great way to learn one of the most basic macrame knots, the square knot, since you will be making it over and over, throughout the piece. 

This project can accommodate all sorts of other beads as well, not just Magatamas; it just so happens I love the vine-like shape that forms when they are used in this placement. Feel free to try this design with size 8/0 or 6/0 seed beads, for example. The look will be different, but the process is the same. You could also string a single bead onto the two central strands if the holes of the beads you use are large enough.

The adjustable sliding macrame square knot closure is also a very versatile technique that may be used with other cord and bead designs. If you’d like a refresher on simply creating that type of knotted closure, you can find that video linked at the bottom of this post.

Opaque Blue Turquoise Picasso

magatama vine macrame bracelet tutorial

Opaque Red Picasso

Magatama Vine Recommendations

The Mini Macrame Board by the Beadsmith is well worth the $10.50 pricetag, in my opinion. There are many slits to keep cords in place, not only at the top and bottom, but also on both sides. The size of the board fits easily on a person’s lap, and the sturdy foam is soft, yet extremely strong and durable. The other bonus is the fact that there are measurement markers and a grid on the front to use as a very handy guide.

Back View

Tip: Make sure the Magatama beads sit in front of/on top of each subsequent square knot. After each set of two that are secured to the bracelet, take a moment to use your fingers to smooth the beads, and seat them correctly. The more consistent the size and placement of the beads and the knots, the more tidy and vine-like the design will appear.

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