How to Make an Easy Russian Spiral Beaded Bracelet with Bugle and Seed Beads

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Hey beautiful! In today’s tutorial, I will show you how to make a quick and easy Russian Spiral stitch beaded bracelet with bugle beads and seed beads. The ends are finished with wire guards, then the jump rings and the clasp are attached. Russian Spiral stitch is a variation of beaded rope netting, and the same technique can be used with all sorts of bead shapes and sizes, not just with seed and bugle beads, as shown in today’s video. Please see below for the full materials list:

Materials List

✔ ~3g – 3mm or 6mm Bugle Beads

✔ ~3g – 15/0 Seed Beads

✔ ~2g – 11/0 Seed Beads

✔ 6ft – 6lb. Fireline, or other beading thread

Beading Needle, Size 10 or 12

✔ 2 – 4.5mm Wire Guards

✔ 2 – Jump Rings

Clasp of Choice


Jewelry Pliers

Bead Mat

I think these Russian Spiral bracelets look especially great when the colors contrast; the main spiral color in particular, which happens to be the size 15/0 seed beads in this case. I really like the look of the defined spiral, which outlines the other beads that are enclosed.

I created the purple color variation above with size 6mm bugle beads in order to show you that you can use that size as well as the 3mm I use in the video tutorial. Looking back, I wish I had used contrasting colors of 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads in that bracelet, but it was a learning experience! 🙂

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