How to: City Glow Pendant 8mm Crystal Beading Tutorial

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Hey everyone! In this video we will make a brand new beaded pendant from the contents of the City Chic Collection by Eureka Crystal Beads!

Please see below for the full list of materials:

Materials List (One Pendant)

✔ 1 – 8mm Crystal Chaton

✔ 12 – SuperDuo Beads 

✔ 8 – 3x2mm Crystal Rondelles 

✔ 1g – 8/0 Round Seed Beads 

✔ 1g – 15/0 Round Seed Beads 

✔ Beading Thread – 6lb/0.006″ Fireline 

Beading Needle, size 11 

how to City Glow Pendant tutorial

About the City Chic Collection:

Amidst the shimmering skyline, cosmopolitan fashionistas gracefully navigate the bustling streets, exuding an air of effortless sophistication. Rooftop soirées beneath the starlit cityscape and intimate dinners at exclusive bistros are the nightly indulgences of this chic urban existence. In this metropolis, every moment is an opportunity to embrace the art of urban elegance.

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Watch the Video

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