Finished Jewelry Update, Project Share | Nov. 2020


Hey beautiful! Today I am excited to bring you an up close look at my latest beaded jewelry creations. It’s my hope that these pieces spark your own inspiration and imagination. Isn’t it fun to see pieces go from random bags of beads and findings to gorgeous finished jewelry?! Please check out the video above to get a full look at the latest pieces, and detailed design info. Feel free to let me know if you have a favorite, or share what you’ve been up to!

A Few of the Pieces Featured in the Video:

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beaded two strand mountain jade and fluorite beaded necklace

Purple Mountain Jade and Fluorite Two Strand Necklace

All beads, including genuine fluorite and purple Mountain Jade, are from the November 2020 Bargain Bead Box subscription. This piece also includes the purple and gold handmade lampwork beads, gold plated chain, and the 4mm gold plated spacer beads, which were included in this month’s subscription. The two strands are elegantly attached to a classic gold plated ring connector on each side.

Purple and Red Tassel Beaded Lariat Necklace

This necklace incorporates many of the beads, which came in the November 2020 Bargain Bead Box, and it also shows off the three main colors: purple, red, and mauve. I have shared lariat style necklaces before, but this design is different due to the fact that I used a Chinese knotting cord to string the beads and create a knot in between each one. The two ends of the necklace, which are the focal of the piece, are embellished with gold decorative connectors, and three-layer tri-color cotton tassels.

purple and red tassel lariat beaded necklace


The Keystone beaded bracelet tutorial is inspired by the contents of the Pumpkin Festival Collection by Eureka Crystal Beads. Even if you don’t purchase the entire collection, you can find everything you need from their online shop, in all sorts of colors. This pattern incorporates Nib-it, SuperDuo, MiniDuo, and Seed Beads. 

I share multiple colors of these versatile bracelets, which are made with waxed cotton cord. In this recent tutorial video I show you how to make an easy sliding knot bracelet. Examples include both double and single strands on each side. Use with gemstone chip beads, metal connectors, and much more! These bracelets are great for any gender, and age group,


Most of my pieces are inspired by the mystery contents of monthly bead boxes. Curious which bead box is the best (for you)? Check out this video for more info!

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