Designing Finished Jewelry with Sam’s Bead Box | May 2022

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How I Design with Sam's Bead Box

Hey beautiful! In today’s video I will show you my process for designing beaded jewelry from the Czech glass and gemstone bead contents of Sam’s Bead Box subscription. The theme of the May 2022 box is called Bohemian Travels, which presents us with a bespoke palette of inspiring colors and textures.

Having so many beads included in the boxes each month, we are guaranteed to be able to create multiple jewelry pieces with the contents. From the May box I created 4 necklaces, 7 bracelets, and 1 pair of earrings. Despite making all of these finished pieces, I still have some leftover beads to work with!

Designing Finished Jewelry from Sam's Bead Box

Here is my design process in a nutshell:

  1.  Identify any focal components
  2. Identify any pairs of specialty beads (for earrings or to use as connectors)
  3. Identify unusual bead shapes, which may require more advanced planning (like daggers and drops)
  4. Sort beads – like colors together
  5. Identify any beads/components from your bead stash that could be combined with what is found in the subscription box, as desired.
  6. Begin to layout potential jewelry designs on separate bead mats. This process usually begins with a focal, and continues with bringing over additional coordinating beads, and helps you to get a visual of how a design may shape up.
  7. Create!
  8. If you aren’t pleased with what came out of the initial creation phase, just take it apart and try again! Don’t worry – trial and error can be a great way to learn, and hone a design to make it even better, as you keep trying.

Copper Feather and Blue Jasper Pendant Necklace and Bracelet Set

Copper and Turquoise Multistrand Seed Bead Necklace

Pink Rhodonite and Tan Two Strand Beaded Dragonfly Necklace

Sam's Bead Box: What to Expect


  • Gorgeous Czech glass beads
  • Carefully selected gemstone beads
  • High quality metallic components

Sam’s Bead Box delivers a special monthly assortment of materials, which are specifically curated by Sam, and meant to spark creativity and inspiration. The content selection process follows the same level of focus and care that Sam puts into choosing what to sell in his online shop.

Sam's Bead Box: Subscription Details

Cost: $45 per month (plus $5 shipping in US, $10.49 CAN, $15.49 everywhere else, besides UK)

Sign Up: Sign up by the 9th of the month for the current month’s box (if available). Sign up after the 10th for the next month’s box.

Billing: 20th of each month, for the following month’s box

Shipping: Ships, world-wide, on the 10th (or following business day)

Sign-ups are limited, but more spots will likely be added as time goes on. You may cancel your subscription at any time. Additionally, Sam’s customer service is first-rate! He aims to make sure his customers are pleased, so don’t hesitate to reach out to him with any further questions, or concerns:

Who Would I Recommend this Box For?

I recommend this subscription for discerning beaders that desire quality over quantity, and have a taste for thoughtful curation, with design in mind. Rather than packing in as many bargains as possible, This box’s value comes from the inspiration it provides, and the ability to create beautiful jewelry from a range of unique and special Czech glass and gemstone. beads. Just like Sam’s Bead Shop, this bead box comes with a community of bead and jewelry lovers who are friendly, helpful, and full of fun ideas. You are sure to have a lot of resources available if you need help making the most of the monthly box contents!

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