Cascading Cup Chain Beaded Ring Tutorial | 4mm Fire Polish


Hey beautiful! In today’s beading tutorial video I will show you how to make a ring out of dainty 2mm cup chain, 4mm Fire Polish faceted rounds, and 11/0 seed beads. These rings are a great way to use up leftover scraps of rhinestone cup chain, or those few loose fire polish rounds that have been hanging around.

Please do have some extra patience with yourself for this pattern since you will be beading such a small piece. I recommend not trying this design unless you have some beadweaving experience under your belt. Once you get to the steps where the cup chain is tacked down, beading will become easier. This is not to discourage you in any way from trying, but simply to be honest and let you know there is a slightly elevated level of difficulty.

Materials List for One Ring

✔   2″ – 2mm Rhinestone Cup Chain 

✔   5 – 4mm Czech Fire Polish Beads

✔   11/0 Seed Beads 

✔   5ft – 6lb Fireline, or other Beading Thread 

✔   Size 10 Beading Needle 

✔   Scissors 

✔   Flush Cutters 

✔   Bead Mat 

cascading cup chain ring

The band of this ring is created using the herringbone beading stitch, which is two seed beads wide. You can easily make the band as long as you need to by making a longer herringbone strip. The herringbone beading stitch is a great beginner beadweaving stitch to know due to its versatility in all sorts of projects. 

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