Bugle Bead Herringbone and Tile Bracelet Tutorial

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Hey beautiful! In today’s video, I will show you how to make the versatile Bugle Bead Herringbone and Tile Bracelet design. This piece combines 3mm Bugles, woven in herringbone stitch, and brick stitched 11/0 seed beads, which taper the bracelet at each end. Feel free to swap Miyuki Tila beads for the Tiles, 6mm bugles instead of 3mm, and more. The techniques will be the same, you will simply need to adjust the length of the bracelet, accordingly. Please see below for the full list of materials:

Bugle Bead Herringbone and Tile Bracelet Tutorial

Materials List (7" Bracelet)

Bugle Bead Herringbone

In this design, the bugle beads are woven in alternating rows of flat herringbone with 11/0 round seed beads. If you are brand new to the beaded herringbone stitch, check out the Flat Herringbone Beading Stitch 101 post first. This versatile stitch, when done with bugles, provides an open and airy feel, which make the rows of tiles stand-out. Idea: try using 6mm bugle beads for an even more open feel, and perhaps do two rows of bugle bead herringbone per section, instead of three.

Bugle Bead Herringbone and Tile Bracelet Tutorial

Tile Beads vs. Tila Beads

I haven’t actually tried this design with Miyuki Tila Beads in place of the CzechMates Two-Hole Tile beads, but I believe they would also work well (in addition to some other two-hole shapes). The Tila beads are about 1mm smaller on each side, and a bit thinner than the Tiles. Since I have been sharing a lot of projects featuring the Tila beads, though, I wanted to put the spotlight on a different bead this time. If anyone tried this with the Tila beads, please feel free to share a comment below.

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Brick Stitching the Bracelet Ends

Brick stitch is another very versatile basic bead weaving stitch. In this design, brick stitch is used at either end of the bracelet in order to taper from a wider width to a smaller width. Brick stitching the ends of bracelets is especially helpful if you want to use a single strand clasp instead of a clasp meant for wider widths, or multiple strands. If you are brand new, check out the Brick Stitch 101 post first for helpful beginner-level info.

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