Beading School Special Deal Boxes Packed with Preciosa Crystal Bicones!

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Hey beautiful! Today I am thrilled to share two new special deal boxes put together by the awesome team at Beading School! Inside each box, you will find 550 high-quality Preciosa Crystal bicone beads in 25 colors and three sizes. You may pick up one color theme, or the other (sun or moon), OR pick up both to add a rainbow of sparkle to your bead stash and score free shipping + a free pattern download from Erika.

TIP: If you are a BeadingSchool Academy subscriber you may “top up” your next subscription box with additional purchases from the bead shop at no additional shipping cost. Have fun checking out these special deals, and all that the BeadingSchool shop has to offer.

beading school special deals preciosa bicone boxes

In the image above, contents of both of the Beading School special deals boxes are pictured  (sun and moon box). The sun theme contains warmer shades of red, orange, and pink, with a selection of purple shades included too. The moon theme contains cooler shades of blue and green, plus some additional neutrals. Both boxes put together make for a very broad color palette.

Other BeadingSchool Special Deals:

If you have been looking for a way to experience working with Preciosa Crystal stones and beads, this is a great way to sample many of their colors and finishes without having to put much thought into which varieties to order. You will immediately build your stash of these versatile beads, and see first-hand how these materials compare to other varieties you may have worked with in the past.

Preciosa Pure Crystal Cabochons Box

preciosa pure crystal cabochons and navette braceletBy purchasing the Preciosa Pure Crystal Cabochons Special Deal Box, you will receive a box packed with 72 high-quality 8mm Preciosa Pure cabs. There will be a wide range included, 18 colors total, and 4 stones in each of those colors.The pure cabs are not foiled, or enameled, on the back of the crystal, as is usually the case. The lack of coating on the back allows the light to shine through the crystal directly, letting the perfectly faceted glass create the sparkle all its own. I hope you’ll join me for the upcoming video tutorial for the new bracelet design that is featured in this video. Enjoy!

Preciosa Nacre Pearl Cabochon Box

special deal box nacre cabochonsPreciosa Nacre cabochons contain a crystal core, which simulates the weight of natural pearls. Additionally, the cabs are coated in several layers of nacre, or mother-of-pearl, which gives them their signature flawless finish.

You will receive 15 colors of 8 mm round nacre cabochons, 6 pieces of each, for a total of 90 cabs. The exact colors will be a surprise from box to box. Think of these special deal boxes as a way to sample the wide range of Preciosa crystal products, and the variety of colors and finishes.

Preciosa Sew-on Crystal Rhinestones

preciosa special deal boxPreciosa Sew-on Rhinestones are a wonderful addition to the bead stash! Besides having a setting that provides a direct and secure way for the crystals to be sewn onto fabric (think bead embroidery), they may also be sewn into bead weaving projects, and onto metal filagree components.

sun hat beaded brooch tutorialYou will receive a total of 300 4mm sew-on crystals; 15 varieties, 20 pieces of each. As usual, the exact colors will be a surprise from box to box, but they will be selected among some of the most popular varieties.

With the purchase of the Sew-on Rhinestone Special Deal Box, you will also receive a bonus PDF beading tutorial by Erika, called Timea, which incorporates the Preciosa sew-on components.

Preciosa Special Deal Unboxing Videos: Community

If you’re looking to join a community of friendly bead enthusiasts, led by Erika, be sure to check out her Facebook group, called Beading Club. I also recommend signing up for her e-mail newsletter, so you will know when she is planning to host upcoming live, online events and workshops. Additionally, by signing up for her periodic emails, you will receive several free bead weaving tutorials!

While You're Here, Check out some Finished Pieces!

Curious which bead box is the best (for you)? Check out this video for more info!

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