Beaded Czech Glass Owl Bracelet Tutorial | A Great Option for More Than Just Owl Beads!

✿ Beading starts at 6:40 ✿

✿ Hi everyone! If you don’t have these particular owls, feel free to search your stash for unusual shaped beads in similar sizes. I show you a couple variations of this design towards the beginning of the video - fish and flowers, for example. ✿

Please see below for the list of materials, and links that may be helpful to you:

✿✿✿ Materials (links to examples) ✿✿✿

❥6-8qty - Czech Glass 8x14mm, or 7x15mm Owl Beads

❥7-9qty - Czech Glass 10x10 Table Cut Window Beads

❥28-36qty - 3mm fire polished beads

❥Size 11/0 Seed Beads

❥Wire Guardians

❥6lb Fireline, or beading thread of choice

❥Clasp of your choice

❥Jump or Split Rings of your choice

❥Beading Needle

❥Jewelry Pliers


❥Measuring Tape/Ruler

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